On My Paintings

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There is no meaning of life outside of life, – instead, life as it proceeds creates meaning through the reciprocal relationship of its parts (experiences) and the whole (totality of life). The parts constitute the meaning of the whole and the whole the meaning of the parts: present, past and future make up a unity.

(Dilthey loosely quoted)

In a similar way, the paintings consist of elemental structures: it is through the network of inner connections that meaning is created. In the beginning there is always a spontaneous movement followed by the gradual composition of colors and forms that lead to fantasy landscapes leaving plenty of space to the imagination.

Therefore, it is not about extracting meaning from the paintings, but rather on the contrary, they host and integrate meaning in the dialog with the viewer.

I work with acrylics on canvas, occasionally with mixed techniques and recycled material. I employ glazes as well as thick textures intending effects of transparency and luminosity.